The Council Room

The Council Room is the result of a reconstruction ordered by the engineer Zanvettori to exemplify the place where judicial activities of the lord took place. In the room there are windows and objects in wrought iron made by local craftsmen in imitation of the ancient ones, the same artisans that produced the shutters and windows of the entire fortress.
On the smaller walls two stone portals carved and engraved respectively bear the writings in capital letters MALEDICTVS HOMO and QVI CONFIDIT IN HOMINE, alluding to the undisputed sorrow of mankind. The south wall features a fresco, detached from the adjacent wall of the Loggia in the 1960s, depicting a battle scene, commissioned by Giovanni Sforza in honour of his young wife Lucrezia Borgia around 1493. It is attributable to the sphere of Amico Aspertini, with the participation of Iohannes Hispanus, Spanish painter who settled in the Marche.


Scena di Battaglia

Battle between the Romans and Sabines, 1490s