Hall of Justice

The Hall of Justice takes its name from its large wooden relief depicting the seven archangels. It is thought that in this room there was a so-called “razor well” or “death well” (trap door) and that the room was used to administer justice. The decoration was done in the 1920s and has rich decorations that are iconographically linked to its function, while the stone fireplace bears a long inscription: “QVESTO. SOLE. P.TVTO. LOMONDO.LVCE.ON/NI COSA.SOPRA ALA TERA CONDVCE” (This sun shines over all the world, and guides every thing on earth), with the IHS monogram at the centre.
In the hall there is an altarpiece by Giovanni Santi, Enthroned Madonna and Child with Saints Lawrence, Sophia, Michael the Archangel and John the Baptist, signed and dated 1484, from the local church of Santa Sofia, the saint holding a model of an ancient representation of Gradara.


The seven archangels, relief polychrome and decorated wood, by sculptor from Germany or South Tyrol, 1400s-1500s