After crossing the drawbridge visitors will arrive in the courtyard, a spacious triportico area, reflecting the taste and the transfer of power from the Sforza family to that of the Malatesti. The eastern part of the courtyard dates back to the period of the Malatesti family with Gothic vault arches supported by heavy columns, on which there is a coat of arms depicting the shield with the chessboard and initials of Pandolfo Malatesti.
On the other sides there are slim travertine columns supporting round arches dating back to the Sforzas, as noted by the inscriptions on the lintels of the windows and the portal of honour in which stands out in capital letters the name of IOANNES SFORTIA.


Coat of arms of the Pandolfo Malatesti family


Coat of arms of the Giovanni Sforza family


Portal of honour with the inscription and coat of arms of the Sforza family