The Chapel is located on the ground floor and is connected to the antechapel through two openings. It is not known what the original function of the room was, but the Rocca surely had a chapel. The space has walls that are entirely decorated with wall paintings, and an inscription on the vault “Guido Fiorini restauravit 1921” suggests that some decorations existed at the time of the restoration of the environment in the 1920s.
The bottom lunette has a view of Rocca di Gradara, and its realisation is attributable to the neo-Gothic period just before.
The stone sarcophagus used as an altar is quite ancient, while the reconstructed mensa is slightly more recent.
On the left wall of the room there is a small stone shrine from the sixteenth century, and behind the altar is preserved an important glazed terracotta by Andrea Della Robbia, Madonna and Child with Saints Louis of Toulouse, Catherine of Alexandria, Maria Magdalene, and Jerome, while in the predella are depicted the following episodes: Saint Francis receiving the stigmata, the Annunciation, Saint Mary the Egyptian of the desert, dating back to 1480-1490.


Ancient stone sarcophagus used as an altar