Support the Rocca Demaniale di Gradara

Rocca Demaniale di Gradara promotes and supports the Art bonus law requested by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism as an incentive to the conservation and enhancement of spaces, Italian monuments and cultural heritage.
If you intend to contribute to the promotion of projects and initiatives at the Rocca Demaniale, it is possible thanks to ART BONUS. Donations can be used for: restoration, maintenance, protection and enhancement; construction of temporary exhibitions, cultural events and congresses, rearrangement of rooms, adjustment of space, maintenance and service innovation.
Decree 31/05/2014 no. 83, known as Art bonus decree (transformed with amendments into Italian Law no. 106 29/07/2014, relating to “Urgent provisions for the protection of the cultural heritage of the nation and for the development of culture”), introduced a tax credit for cash donations in support of culture and entertainment, the so-called Art bonus, supporting the patronage of cultural heritage. Those who make donations to support culture, as provided by law, can enjoy significant tax benefits in the form of a tax credit.
Preserving our cultural heritage also means preserving our identity and passing it on to our children. Indeed, much more: it means guaranteeing to the world the perpetuation of a crucial resource whose fate is in our hands.
This is the main principle behind communication regarding Art bonus, and is proposed to the Italian public so that the appeal for patronage is not exclusively based on a tax advantage, but rather a broader, deeper educational motivation.