8.30-19.15 (The ticket office closes at 18:30)

8.30-14.00 (The ticket office closes at 13:30)

From 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm extraordinary opening only for groups with reservations, booked at Gradara Innova.

Free entry



Citizens of the European Union aged between 18 and 25
Teachers with open-ended contracts at state-run schools
Citizens of non-European countries aged between 18 and 25 given equal terms of reciprocity for the reduction.
Citizens of the European Union under 18 years of age
ICOM members (International Council of Museums)
European Union tour guides with professional licence
European Union tour interpreters when their work is required with the guide
Mibact personnel (Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism)
Groups of students from public and private schools in the European Union, accompanied by their teachers, with reservations, in the contingent established by the museum
Teachers and students belonging to the Faculties of: Architecture, Conservation of cultural heritage, Science education, Letters and philosophy (specialisation in archaeology or art history), Academies of fine arts, students at the Istituto Centrale per il Restauro, from the Opificio delle Pietre Dure, from the Scuola per il Restauro del Mosaico
Accredited journalists from member states of the European Union
Citizens of the European Union with documented handicaps, including chaperone
Foreigners under the age of 18, with terms of reciprocity for free entry
Combined ticket for Rocca Demaniale di Gradara and Galleria Nazionale delle Marche – Urbino

€ 10,00 Full
€ 5,00 Reduced

Combined ticket for Rocca Demaniale di Gradara with visit to the walkways

€ 7,00


The bookshop at Rocca di Gradara has numerous publications regarding the history of the Rocca, the location and art in general. There are also educational games, children’s books, designer objects and assorted merchandise.

You can purchase guides in various languages, either before the visit – since the bookshop is located in the courtyard – or at the end of the visit.
The opening hours coincide with those of the Rocca.

The Rocca offers a free coat and baggage check service in a room on the ground floor just off the courtyard. Given the small size of the rooms, visitors are invited to check their backpacks, umbrellas and large objects and bags.

Restrooms available on the ground floor.

The Rocca is currently working on providing adequate technological devices (virtual tour, touch screen kiosks, etc.) and a hydraulic lift platform to permit access to all.

For the moment, accessibility is limited to areas around the courtyard.
The Rocca has a wheelchair for those who have trouble getting around.

There are no food services available. Next to the coat check there are three vending machines with drinks and snacks.
At the ticket office there are brochures in Italian, English and French, audio guides in English, French and German, and the rooms have captions, signage and information panels.


To reach the Rocca Demaniale di Gradara, leave the A14 highway at the Cattolica-San Giovanni in M.-Gabicce exit.
Or, exit the A14 highway at Pesaro, take the SS 16 towards Rimini, then at Colombarone follow the signs for Gradara.
To reach the Rocca year round:
Bus 130 (131 for the return trip).
In the summer:
Bus 80 (81 for the return trip).
To reach Gradara, take a train to the Cattolica – San Giovanni in M. – Gabicce train station. Continue by bus from the Cattolica central train station.
Or take a train to the Pesaro train station. Continue by bus from the train station to Gradara.
Airport “F. Fellini” Rimini Miramare (RN)
Airport “Raffaello Sanzio” Falconara (AN)
Airport “G. Marconi” Bologna (BO)
from 18 July to 31 August 2016

Urbino – Gradara – Pesaro – Fano

From 18 July to 31 August 2016 a free shuttle bus will be available only to users who can show a COMBINED TICKET for the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche in Urbino and the Rocca Demaniale di Gradara.
The shuttles connect Urbino, Gradara, Pesaro and Fano.
In Urbino the bus stop is in Piazza della Repubblica, in Gradara in Piazza Paolo e Francesca, in Pesaro in Piazza della Libertà (Palla di Pomodoro) and in Fano in the Pincio area.
The first shuttle leaves Urbino at 9:00 am, reaching Gradara at 11:00 am after passing through Fano and Pesaro.
At 9:00 am the first bus leaves from Fano and will follow a reverse itinerary, arriving in Urbino at 10:30 am after having passed through Pesaro and Gradara. Between Fano and Pesaro there will be a bus stop in the Fosso Sejore area.
The schedule takes into consideration the fact that Monday afternoons both the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche and Rocca di Gradara are closed, and that the Ducal Palace is open on Thursday evenings, when it is possible to visit the Torricino until 10:30 pm (schedules indicated with an asterisk *).

Itinerary n.1


Itinerary n.2


Urbino h 9.00 Fano h 9.00
Fano h 10.00 Pesaro h 9.30
Pesaro h 10.30 Gradara h 10.00
Gradara h 11.00CORSA 2 Urbino h 10.30CORSA 2
Urbino h 11.30 Fano h 11.30
Fano h 12.30 Pesaro h 12.00
Pesaro h 13.00 Gradara h 12.30
pausa pranzo pausa pranzo
Gradara h 14.00CORSA 3 Urbino 13.30CORSA 3
Urbino h 14.30 Fano h 14.30
Fano h 15.30 Pesaro h 15.00
Pesaro h 16.00 Gradara h 15.30
Gradara h 16.30CORSA 4 Urbino h 16.00CORSA 4
Urbino h 17.00 Fano h 17.00
Fano h 18.00 Pesaro h 18.00
Pesaro h 18.30 Gradara h 18.30
Gradara h 19.00 Urbino h 19.00

*Urbino h 23.30

*Gradara h 24.00
*Pesaro h 00.30*Fano h 01.00


The Polo Museale delle Marche is an office of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism (1-1″MIBACT). It was established pursuant to /11/25/14G00183/sg”DPCM 29 August 2014, no. 171, effective since 11 December 2014, and is a branch of the General museum direction. The Polo has the responsibility of managing and bringing out the value of the museums institutes and cultural places entrusted to it by the Italian state.
The Polo Museale delle Marche includes:

The Director of the Polo Museale delle Marche is Peter Aufreiter, also director of the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche.

The Rocca Demaniale di Gradara is a part of the Polo Museale delle Marche.

The Director of the Rocca is Maria Claudia Caldari.